Orange Tranquillity

We will lend you a new phone for the repair duration
of your broken phone and your new smartphone
is ready for usage as soon as you receive it.

at the price of 2€/month
    • you're ready to use mobile
    • a solution in case of failure
Orange Tranquillity
Your mobile ready-to-use Smartphone starter pack
Web apps: MyOrange Installation / re-installation
Orange Cloud installation
Mobile data storage over Orange Cloud
SIM register duplication
A solution in case of failure Mobile diagnostic
Replacement of the SIM Card in event of a disaster
Mobile loan in case of failure



Don't stand there without mobile in case of failure
We lend you another smartphone during the reparation process.
Your new smartphone is efficient from its first use
Our experts are setting up your Smartphone or Tablet, you can immediately send and receive your mails, download and use your favorite apps and surf through the Internet.

  • Prices include VAT
  • 12 or 24 months subscription