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The Orange Fiber, an ultra-fast connection in any circumstances

With the Orange Fiber, you have access to a very high speed connection, regardless of the number of devices connected at the same time (TV, computers, tablets, etc.)

Download your materials in a few seconds, watch high-definition TV, play on a network without any lag and with flawless ping.





Why should you adopt the Fiber Orange?



Unbeatable prices in Luxembourg – 500Mbit/s for 39€/month at a fixed price. Fixed price, guaranteed from the first to the last subscription month. 

Unlimited download volume.

Internet from the first day of your contract.

Turnkey installation – A technician comes to your home to install your fiber connection and commission your equipment. He answers any technical questions you may have on site.


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Reduce your internet and mobile bills and save money by buying the Love packs:
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