SMS & MMS Premium

SMS & MMS Premium are micro-payment services via SMS.


The SMS & MMS Premium services are micro-payment services by SMS. These services allow you to receive information (weather, finance, sport, news, etc.) and download ringtones, logos and games to your mobile phone via SMS & MMS. They are generally more expensive than standard SMS and MMS messages.




The SMS & MMS Premium allow you to buy or subscribe to various services or digital content via a short code from 3 to 5 digits.

  • One time purchase: you send a keyword to an SMS premium number and in return the content provider delivers the requested content or service;
  • For subscription: you send a keyword to an SMS premium number. You will receive a subscription confirmation request to which you reply OK. Once subscribed, you will receive your content regularly.

These purchases appear on your invoice or are deducted from the credit of your prepaid card.

Many SMS and MMS content providers distribute their products on the Orange mobile network using their own brands. By contract, Orange allows the distribution of these products and their billing to its customers.

For these added value services delivered by third partys, Orange intervenes only as an intermediary to handle the connection on its network and the billing.


You don’t wish to benefit from these premium services anymore or you no longer want them to be used by one of your family members ?

Orange has set up an option to avoid their use on any line.

You can chose to block only texts or texts and calls. The option is offered for €2/month.

It can be activated whether in shop or on our website through > this form