The Orange Telephone app

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Control your calls

Orange Telephone is a simple and intuitive application to better manage your calls. It allows you to easily see who is calling you and avoid nasty surprises with premium rate calls. On Android, the Orange Telephone application replaces your calls application by default, on iOS it adds additional information to your call application to re-gain control of your calls: anti-spam, reverse directory, emergency numbers, premium rate calls, etc...

With Anti Spam, you are protected.
This function allows you to:

- Protect yourself against malicious and cold calls
- Identify professional numbers that call you
- Take action against spam by reporting unwanted numbers and helping the community avoid them.



 More than 50,000 spam calls highlighted by the community each month


Additional functions

Be informed
Since it displays premium rate numbers, you avoid nasty surprises.

Professional numbers are displayed with their name, even if they are not in your address book.

You are notified of unwanted calls before you pick up, and you can block them with a simple click.

In case of emergency
You can access the list of emergency numbers at any time from your keyboard.



How to activate it

  • Download the Orange Téléphone app on your Android smartphone (minimum Android 6.0) or IOS

  • Do not forget to select the app as your favourite call button.

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