Orange Cloud

Collect and protect all of your digital content, and make it available across all your devices, everywhere.

With Orange Cloud, your files follow you everywhere.
The memory on your mobile devices is automaticaly saved and you can access all your mobile content at any time.



5GB of storage space free for all mobile plans. Unlimited Orange Cloud storage for 3 €/m exclusively for Orange mobile customers!

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100% free
Every Orange customer, having a mobile plan, benefits of 5GB free storage on Orange Cloud. Take advantage of it!

Secure storage
Your photos, videos, music, documents, contacts and calendar can automatically be backed-up and kept safe on Orange Cloud.

Simple access
Your content is accessible quickly and everywhere, from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Quick sharing

Sharing of your photos, videos and files with your loved ones or on the social networks has never been so simple.



Start up with Orange Cloud

1. Install Orange Cloud
Your Operating System:

2. Create your account
Open Orange Cloud app and type-in your phone number to identify yourself. You will receive a confirmation code by SMS. Use that code to activate your cloud and create an account.

3. Access your Cloud
Get to your Cloud everywhere and from any device using your Orange phone number and your Cloud password.