The Orange Femtocell

Poor 3G mobile network signal at home?
Discover the Orange Femtocell solution

With Orange Femtocell, optimise your 3G network signal at home: a Femtocell is the solution when you are struggling to make calls or browse the internet from your 3G or 4G mobile in some very well insulated rooms in your home.

   Take the Femtocell eligibility test before you subscribe:

- Your 3G mobile signal at home: do you often have problems receiving or making calls and SMS? Do all Orange mobiles have the same problem?
- Your technical eligibility: you must be an Orange mobile customer, equipped with a 3G or 4G mobile, with ADSL Internet access or Fibre connection to your home. To get the best from the Femtocel, it is preferable to have an Orange internet package.


Access the Orange mobile network without interruption at home, make and receive better quality calls and stay in touch at all times.

Improve your Orange mobile coverage through the Femtocell connected to your internet box, regardless of your Internet access provider.

Allow up to 8 users to make calls simultaneously: any Orange mobile package holders can connect to it.



12-month commitment
Satisfied or your money back


Option details
A better mobile network at home
With the Orange Femtocell, optimise the 3G network signal at home: the Femtocell is the solution when you are having trouble calling or sending messages from your 3G or 4G mobile in parts of your home.

Up to 8 simultaneous users

The Femtocell provides coverage up to 20 metres for 8 simultaneous users. All members of your household on an Orange mobile package can be connected, subject to have been added as users and the use a compatible 3G mobile.

Quick start guide

Once received, open the Orange Femtocell box and follow the steps detailed in the manual. Simply plug your femtocell to your router (compatible with most internet boxes on the market). During the 1st installation, the Femtocell will be updated (takes between 15 and 30 minutes). The update is complete when the light stops blinking.

By default, your Femtocell will be configured with your address. Please contact Orange if you move.


Detailed conditions
To be used in Luxembourg on compatible networks and mobiles. The Orange Femtocell option is subscription-based and valid in Luxembourg, and reserved to owners of an Orange mobile package including a 3G compatible mobile terminal. The client must also have a high-speed internet connection.

Satisfied or your money back
Should the client be dissatisfied, the Orange Femtocell will be reimbursed, out-with promotional period, subject to the return of the equipment in its box within 14 days following the purchase. The commitment will end when the equipment is returned. Only one refund per bank account and per household.