53 million titles to take with you any time and anywhere

Introductory offer: 1 month free trial


  • Unlimited music in national without being deducted from your bundle for account holders

  • High-quality sound, free from adverts

  • Listen to it anywhere even without an internet connection

 Deezer Premium - Unlimited Music
9,99€ 7,99€/month
no commitment

Deezer Family - Unlimited Music
6 independent accounts 14,99€/month
no commitment


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53 million titles: variety, pop, rock, jazz, classic, etc.

Enjoy a vast catalogue to satisfy all your desires. Variety, pop, rock, alternative, jazz, classic, there is something for everyone. Listen to it anywhere, even without an internet connection.
You can access your playlists at any time, without needing an internet connection. You will find your favourite clips anywhere, at any time.




High-quality sound, free from adverts

Listen to your albums and playlists with high-quality sound, without any adverts. Even better: be the first to discover new albums from your favourite artists!






With Deezer family
Each to their own Deezer, each to their own music

Computer, mobile, tablet: listen to your music anywhere, at any time, without cutting off anyone else.








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