Orange Plus

Plan 15 €/month

    Promotional offer valid until 30/11/19 : 15€/month for the first 6 months then 30€/month.
    No commitment. 24 months commitment with a mobile.

  Orange Plus
In Luxembourg and in Europe
Calls and SMS in Luxembourg to and from Europe included
Mobile internet in Luxembourg and in Europe 6GB
Orange Cloud to store and share safely your photos, videos and documents 5GB
Voice over LTE and Voice over Wi-Fi: make your calls in HD on the 4G network or the Wi-Fi network in Luxembourg Read more included
Lux + EU Data
5GB of mobile internet in Luxembourg and in Europe
Activate the option through My Orange or SMS by sending "DataEU" to the 60510. You can also choose to activate this option on a regular basis in a shop or by phone calling the following number: 800 61 606.
Restricted call plan
To make sure you do not exceed your budget, your calls can be blocked
Orange Cloud unlimited storage 3€/month
Deezer Premium (special price for Orange customers, no commitment)      
Introductory offer: 1st month free
Deezer Family - 6 independent accounts
Introductory offer: 1st month free


Orange Plus is compatible with the Best Destination Pack >


Orange Tranquility 
Receive a ready to use smartphone as a replacement if yours is broken and during the time of the reparation.

Orange Assurances
Orange Insurance
Damage and theft insurance for multiple devices: protect your mobiles, tablets and laptops

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Included services

  • Orange Wednesdays
  • Orange Cloud
  • Monitor your consumption with MyOrange
  • Keep your existing number when moving to Orange from another operator at no cost
  • Information when limits are reached
  • Your purchases from the Play Store are being directly deducted from your bill. More informations here


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  • Prices include VAT
  • Available without obligation or obligation over 12 or 24 months
  • 1 SMS = 60 seconds
  • Calls made out-of-bundle: 0,1933€ per minute
  • Out-of-bundle mobile internet usage: 0,025€ par MB
  • SMS made out-of-bundle: 0,0702€
  • MMS is billed at 0.1933€ per MMS plus the price of the mobile internet usage in function of the volume.
  • All bundles are subject to a "fair use" policy in order to guarantee the availability and the quality of the networks for all Orange customers. It is set at 3000 min/SMS.
  • Orange tranquillity is valid in Luxembourg for Orange clients and includes the loan of a mobile with an equivalent operating system, excluding personal data. Orange tranquillity is only valid for a breakdown when deposed with Orange for reparation, within the limit of to repairs per year.
  • Orange Cloud unlimited access: Orange reserves the right to suspend the user's access or to terminate the unlimited subscriptions for abusive use of services. It shall be considered as abusive use of services the repeatedly uploads of video files larger than 1GB. In case of termination the user shall have the right to request for the content in 30 days since the closing of the account.
  • Calls made while roaming to special numbers (0800, 0900, etc.) and short numbers are not included and will be invoiced according to the prices set by the providers of these numbers. These prices may be invoiced even if the special number is free in this country.
  • Countries or territories zone 1 Europe to Orange > 
  • 4G accessibles countries  >
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  • Find the speed corresponding to your plan here