Fibre 100% Fibre

With 100% Fibre,
you can enjoy fibre that is 100% smooth,
100% connected and 100% installed.

At the price of 39 €/month
    • Sales: 19,50€/month for 12 months for any subscription on 24 months, until 27/01/2019
    • 100% Smooth: A Fibre Internet connection 20 times faster than ADSL
    • 100% Connected: A powerful connection for the whole family
    • 100% Installede: Home installation and landline included  
    • Internet at home from day one with no additional fees
100% Fibre
High speed internet  
Surf, download (stated maximum download speed)
Store, share (stated copper or fibre usage cap)
Find the speed corresponding to your plan here
100 Mbits/s
50 Mbits/s
Ultra Broadband Internet option: increase from 100Mbps to 1Gbps  39€/month
Volume unlimited
Connected with internet on the first day  
To benefit from an Internet connection between signing the contract and installation, a 4G Airbox with 25 GB of mobile data per month for 2 months is provided free of charge to customers. Unless the customer chooses the Everywhere Internet service, the SIM card is deactivated. included
Landline with "Pay as you go" calls included
Home phone option
Calls from landline to landline national 8€
Calls from landline to landline in Europe 2 hours
Home installation and activation fees 149€
Fibre connection (if necessary) 299€
Cancellation fees 99€
Modem/routeur rental
or Fibre Modem rental