Home Box 4G

Unlimited Internet, no commitment,
no eligibility restrictions and
no installation worries.

At the price of 20 €/month
    • Unlimited Internet high speed via the Orange 4G+ network
    • Simple to install: plug in and surf
    • No commitment
    • Money-back guarantee
  The Orange Home Box
(data/SMS national only)
High speed internet  
Speed - Connect with a mobile, tablet or laptop in Luxembourg 4G+
Volume (reduced speed of  512Kb/s after the monthly threshold of 100GB) unlimited
Speed Refill - 100GB 25€
Benefits and services  
Modem Home Box router 129€ 84€



100GB is already a lot !


  • Prices include VAT
  • No commitment
  • The 4G+ speed for the Orange Home Box will be reduced after the monthly threshold of 100GB, then customers will be able to continue using mobile internet nationally and without limitation, and without being invoiced, at a reduced speed of  512Kb/s. You can return to your initial speed at any time by sending "speed" in the messaging tab of your "My Airbox" app on your mobile, to benefit again from the full mobile internet included in your bundle.  Connect to your Homebox via wifi to do this. You can also add this option in your online Customer Area. Cost: 25€
  • Money-back guarante:
    The Orange Home Box will be refunded in the case of dissatisfaction, excluding the promotional period, subject to returning all the materials in their box within 14 days following the purchase. The commitment will end when the materials are returned. One refund will be processed per bank account and per household.